Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fat Kid, Days 8 & 9

(Program Details: Walk 10 min.; For 12 min., alternate 1 min. running, 1 min. walking; Walk 3 min. + Strength Training)

I am so exhausted.  Tonight I did two days worth - run and training - to make up for missing Monday's workout.  I really do like the schedule I'm on, so I worked extra hard to get myself back on that schedule.  (I have to travel this weekend, and this is a good schedule for that.)

The run part was agonizing.  And how did I end up living in the only neighborhood in this area with hills?  Big hills.  Big.  Big.  Hills.  Since I ran last night, my legs are on fire.  But I made it with only a little weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The strength training part wasn't that bad.  Like I said before, I usually work my arms and shoulders, some abs and back, but I never train my legs on my days off.  I hope I can work my upper body again tomorrow.  I may end up not being able to lift my pen at work on Friday!

I talked to P.J. today, and she said I had to cut out the carbs after breakfast, give up beer, and stop eating like a 19 year old frat boy.  (I don't even eat well enough to qualify for a sorority girl?  I'm a frat boy?  Wow, that is bad.) So I had a big ol' steak, thanks to my super sweet neighbors, and some spinach.  Mmmmmm.

~ The Fat Kid

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