Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Old Broad's first day

Well, today wasn't soo bad! The "thin man", sometimes known as my husband, cleaned the garage and removed all the junk off my treadmill. So I'm thinking how sweet, I'm really anxious to get started so I hop on - take a few quick steps and to my shock fly off the end of the treadmill, slamming into the front fender of the car. What I didn't see was that the 'thin man' cleaned the tread on the thread mill with some sort of silicon, or something - anyway, it is really slick! Not the best way to start the day, but now that I'm awake I'll try to follow the instructions. While my treadmill is really old it does have a timer so that I can walk a minute and then run a minute, in my case it's more like a sad little jiggly-jog. But I think that the timer is defective because the running minute is way longer than the walking minute.

I checked out the exercises for tomorrow, they look horrible ............how long does this take?

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