Thursday, June 24, 2010

Second Day of Torture

So, I thought the first day of walking/running was hard but nothing is as bad as these exercises -Oh My God, what deviant came up with that number 5, Plank with front raise? Oh and they thought even if I could get in that position that I could raise one arm. Yeah, well I could barely stay on my toes and hands much less let go of the carpet and raise my arm. I could not do some of the exercises and no way, no way could I do the reps recommended. OK, folks at Women's Fitness find an old, fat, lazy chick and let her make up a few exercises and I'll try again.

A note to anyone over a certain age that might read this and try this program, go to your Doctor and take a copy of the program with you, get his/her approval before you start.

If I can move tomorrow, I'll try the walk/run again.

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