Friday, August 6, 2010

Rethinking this plan....

The Old Broad and I have recently returned from another frolic.  We had a chance to talk about how things were going with our program and neither of us is able to do the program the way we thought.  She can't do the workouts, but has a treadmill, so the running is no problem.  I can do the workouts, but I have to run outside, and it's just too blasted hot for that right now.

We are going to take another few days, consider our options and come up with another plan - or rather, two plans, one for each of us.  We've decided that I should go back to rock climbing, since I love it, we have a great rock climbing gym here, and it burns about 1,000 per hour.  (No lie, it's *that* strenuous!)  Of course, I haven't climbed in a few years, so it'll be a while before I am able to get that full benefit of it.  The Old Broad is looking into some options, to see what will work best for her with the equipment she has, and that she can do inside, because of the heat.  We'll keep you posted.

~ The Fat Kid

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