Friday, June 25, 2010

The Fat Kid, Day 4

(Program: Strength Training)

I feel bad for the Old Broad, I really do!  Poor thing, she not only is too sore to move, she has a headache from the heat, and worse... she has to drive to Florida tomorrow to pick up my niece and bring her back to the Carolinas for her summer visit with the Thin Man and the Old Broad.  The Spindle (my super tall, cute as a button niece, who is legs from the floor to her neck - and as tall as me at one-third my age!) will give the Old Broad a workout.  (Tee hee hee....)  The Spindle loves those fat-buster shows and thinks she is the next Jillian!! Ha! Enjoy that Mom, and keep her away from me!

Last night was a strength training night for me.  I went to get the Goddess, and we hit the gym at her apt. complex.  We did okay, but we were both really tired and sore.  (She started the program and is on the same schedule as the Old Broad.)  Her calves were killing her, and my arms and shoulders hurt, so we took it slow and light.  But we showed up.  And for me, that is all that counts in this first week.  As for tonight's run, I'll be doing it tomorrow.  This is the south, after all, and it's about eleven hundred degrees out there!  So I am taking the Goddess' advice and I'll trying moving it to first thing in the morning.

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