Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Fat Kid, Day 6

(Program Details: Walk 8 min.; For 10 min., alternate 1 min. walk, 1 min. running; Walk 2 min.)

So yesterday (Saturday) was day 6... (Friday, day 5, was my day off, since I had dinner plans with my lovely neighbors).  I went to dinner with a friend, then came home and ran.  First, let me say that it is a bad idea to eat a lot of food before you go out on your run day, since it makes you feel like you are going to hurl.  Second, if you are going to have a lovely dinner with a friend, steer clear of the carbs.  The stuffed mashed potatoes were amazing!  However, I was so stuffed, and felt so bloated, that my runs were really weak.  I did have some great walk time, though my legs are pretty stiff today.

Tonight is a strength training night.  More after the workout....

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