Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Fat Kid, Day 7

(Program Details: Strength Training)

Ugh.  Strength training is still my favorite part of this torture program, but today was not a good day for exercise.  The Thin Man brought me his old Total Gym, since I gave him my really nice, new one during my last move.  I worked out on the TG, which is good, because it's still 1100 degrees here, and at least I can stay inside with the TG!  I did a bunch of upper-body and back work, but I have a monster headache, so I tried to take it easy and stopped before I got too hot.  Don't want to make myself sick.

It's been a week and I don't think I've lost a single pound.  That is a little upsetting, since I really need to take off about 15 lbs., so I can wear my suits to work.  (Right now I'm just getting by in whatever I can find in the closet that isn't too tight for modesty.  Unfortunately, that means I'm dressing like a homeless oompah-loompah.  It's not pretty ladies.  I really, really need to get back in my clothes!)

But I got in about 30 min. of strength training today, so I'll call that a win.  Tomorrow we start with week two and I'm going to give the strength training program from Women's Health a try, to see if ups the weight loss....

P.S.  -  You probably won't hear from the Old Broad for a few days.  She promises me she is working out, but she and the Thin Man drove south to get the Spindle yesterday and they aren't do back in until late tomorrow.

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