Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Fat Kid, Day 6, Again.....

I had to start over at day 6......  I have been out of town and down with a cold, so I haven't done any running (or much of anything at all) in a while.  I started last night, with day 6, thinking I'd be fine.  And I was, for a while.... then I started coughing.  Which meant I peed.  On my shoe.  Stop laughing, darn it!  It was mortifying!  There I stood, in the middle of the road, in the midst of coughing fit, with pee running down my leg - and into my shoe.  Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do but keep going.  I was about half-way in my loop, so turn back or push on - it was the same distance.  All I could do was push on, squish-ily,  and hope I didn't have to cough again until I got home.

Since I use my phone as an iPod, I clicked the music player off and called the Old Broad when I was a few minutes away from home.  She laughed at me too, which I guess I deserve, since I laughed at her when she peed on herself on a walk.  We heard a loud "pop" that I guess was a firecracker, and she jumped, screamed and peed a little.  I all but laid down in the middle of the road laughing at her, so I deserved the same reaction last night.

We talked (okay, whined) to each other about not doing anything, and decided that we had to get back at it.  I gave up the cigarettes, which has been hard, and makes me want to eat pretty much everything that isn't nailed down, but I'm glad I am trying..... On the other hand, I'm mad as a hornet that I've gained 5 lbs. and now weigh in at 150.  I look, for all the world, like a traffic barrel!!  So, the Old Broad and I are back - and this time we are going to try really hard to stick with this - all the way to the end!

~ The Fat Kid

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